Ashley’s Story

Ashley is currently 31 weeks pregnant.  She is well into the third trimester and feeling all the normal discomforts thatyou-want-a-baby-large come with it.  At 31 weeks, her baby is about 3 pounds and the size of a coconut.  A coconut!  Of course that is going to be uncomfortable, right?  Any moms with twins reading this is probably laughing to themselves right now….


Overall, Ashley is feeling good.  She was planning to see a physiotherapist for her back pain, but the wait list was too long.   She is currently receiving massage therapy instead and finding some relief in that.  She is also planning to start wrapping her belly.  I’ll be honest, I’ve never tried that during my own pregnancy.  Now that I am doing some research I wish that I had.  I will update on her belly wrapping next blog post and let you know how it goes.  In the meantime, if you wrapped your belly during pregnancy, I’d love to hear about it.  Feel free to leave a comment and share your experience.

Ashley is a contest winner who won my ‘Biggest Contest Ever’.  This means that for the remainder of her pregnancy I will be working closely with her on the nutrition needs of herself and her baby.  She has agreed to allow me to post it here, on my blog.

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*Every individual is unique and will have different nutritional needs. The recommendations I make for Ashley may or may not benefit other women who have similar experiences. The nutritional advice given to Ashley is based on a specific, detailed health and lifestyle assessment. They will not apply to every woman. If you are interested in a personal assessment for yourself, please send an e-mail to

Ashley’s assessments and recommendations are much more detailed than what is in this blog post. Here, I am sharing her most important issues and some random topics. The information that is shared between us is extensive and continual.

Ashley is still taking the stairs every day instead of the elevator!  At 31 weeks, this is impressive!  She does admit it’s not easy, but she will continue to climb for as long as she can.

Now that she is getting closer to her due date, Ashley is thinking of her birth plan.  This is her second baby and she is hoping her labor is not as long as it was with her first.  Good news is that subsequent babies usually do come faster as our bodies remember what to do.  Another way she can prepare for a shorter delivery time is to drink red raspberry leaf tea starting now until she has her baby.  Red raspberry leaf tea has been known to reduce labor time by strengthening the uterine muscles.  I recommend drinking 1 – 2 cups per day but when it comes to herbs (including herbal tea) you should discuss this with your doctor or midwife.  Or you may seek the help of an herbalist or naturopathic doctor.

Studies have also shown that having a doula can shorten labor time.  (Source:   If you’re not sure what a doula is, or how they can help you, check out my interview with Bliss Doula HERE.

In honor of World Doula Week (March 22 – 28), I’d like to invite any doula’s reading this now to comment below with your contact information.  Thank you for the wonderful work that you do!  I encourage any expecting mom’s to reach out to a doula in your area to learn more.

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