Rosalyn’s Story

Remember Rosalyn?  She is my contest winner who I’ve been working with and posting updates on this blog.  If you read my previous blog posts you’ll know she suffered a miscarriage.  In fact, this INTRODUCTORY BLOG I wrote was one of the hardest I’ve ever written.

I took a little break from updating on Rosalyn’s story.  I did this for two reasons.  First, Rosalyn came out.  Meaning, she shared my blog with her family and friends.  When I started this blog just over 4 years ago, it was important for me to keep the identities of my clients confidential.  I mean, who am I to share personal, intimate details about these women with the world?  No, I would never do that.  But, confidentially, I wanted to share these women’s stories.  Their challenges and successes.  And if it comes to it, their heartbreak.  There have been 4 ‘Biggest Contest Ever’ winners before Rosalyn.  I am very pleased to share that each and every one of them now calls themselves mom.

Rosalyn is no longer anonymous.  It was important for her to share this story and she wanted people in her life to know what she was going through.  I feel this was a brave thing for her to do and I’m glad she did it.

The other reason I took a short break from Rosalyn’s story is because I wanted to give her time to grieve her loss.  She was kind enough and strong enough to share her story with me, and anyone reading my blog.  I was not about to pressure her into giving me monthly updates so that I could continue regular blog posts.

Until there was something important to share.

Which there was.

Rosalyn became pregnant again.

Remember, she revealed her identity to her family and friends.   So, when she received that positive pregnancy test she did not want to announce it publically.  I understand that.  And so we did not update on my blog.

Until now.

Rosalyn is currently pregnant!  In fact, she is 34 weeks pregnant today.  She and baby are perfectly healthy! 

White Tulips


In the past I have written these blog posts with nutrition concerns and recommendations based on whatever the mom is experiencing.  But this time I will not be doing that.  Instead I want to share what it feels like to be pregnant after miscarriage.

It’s not the same as my own pregnancy.  When I became pregnant I wanted to tell the world as soon as I found out.  I wanted to shout it off rooftops and I was confident I had a healthy baby and that I would carry that baby to term.  I never thought for a minute that I may lose her or something bad could happen.  This isn’t what it feels like for Rosalyn.  Instead, she has anxiety.  Worry.  Fear.  She has been through more than one miscarriage and years of unexplained infertility.  She doesn’t simply accept that she is pregnant and going to have a healthy baby.  She thinks the worst could still happen.  Even now at 34 weeks.  By now her baby is healthy and strong.  There is no reason to think that something bad may happen, but it is always on her mind.  Until she has that baby in her arms she will have some doubt.  And even then, there is a possibility of the unthinkable.

Honestly, I am only scratching the surface on pregnancy after a loss.  Rosalyn asked that I share THIS LINK which is much more detailed and in depth.

If you are reading this, and experienced loss, or unexplained infertility, please remember that you are not alone.  Rosalyn is one of many who have been through this.  Her light at the end of the tunnel is almost here.  She can see it.  She is ready for it.  And when it gets here it will be the most magical, beautiful miracle you could possibly imagine.

Thank you for reading Rosalyn’s story.

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