BIGGEST CONTEST EVER! Colleen’s story.

Colleen has had her baby!  If you haven’t been following Colleen’s story, or if you would like to read it again, click on “Colleen’s Story” in the blog tag cloud to the right.  This will bring up all blog posts about Colleen.

Colleen gave birth to a beautiful baby girl the first week of February 2014.  She went over her due date by a few days, but everything went fairly quickly once baby decided to make her appearance.  Weighing just over 7 lbs, Colleen’s baby was born perfectly healthy.  🙂

Colleen has been keeping me posted via e-mail, but we haven’t been able to schedule a full update yet to discuss any concerns or issues she may be having.  The week before baby was born Colleen was experiencing pelvic and back pain along with some acid reflux.  These are very common during the last weeks of pregnancy.  As of this moment, mother and baby are bonding and as happy as can be.


A mother and baby (not Colleen)

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