Denise and I have had our first follow-up visit. I will address the question that I know is on everyone’s mind. No, she is not pregnant. Yet.

She doesn’t want to become consumed with the thought of having a baby. So for now, she and her husband are being relaxed about it. For the quickest way to pregnancy, I do recommend the fertility awareness method. However, Denise is not interested in charting at this time.

If you haven’t read Denise’s introductory blog, you can find it here.

Pink and yellow flower website photo*Every individual is unique and will have different nutritional needs. The recommendations I make for Denise may or may not benefit other women who have similar experiences. The nutritional advice given to Denise is based on a specific, detailed health and lifestyle assessment. They will not apply to every woman. If you are interested in a personal assessment for yourself, please send an e-mail to

Denise has made some big improvements in her diet since we met! She still drinks coffee, but she is down to one cup a day. Although I suggest that she stop drinking coffee completely, I do understand our nation’s love of coffee. Reducing her intake to one cup a day is a good step in the right direction. More importantly, she has stopped drinking diet pop! Almost. There was one diet drink in her recent food log, along with some beer and nachos. But hey, everything is ok in moderation. Of course, it’s important to understand what moderation means exactly. I am a believer in the 80/20 rule. Meaning, 80% of the time you make good, healthy food choices. The other 20% can be less than perfect.

Let’s talk about nachos for a minute. Because, let’s face it, they’re delicious! You can actually make your own nachos at home that are not so bad for you. You can use baked tortilla chips, home-made salsa, organic cheese, free-range ground beef or chicken and fresh vegetables. This can actually be a good food choice. Unfortunately for Denise, her nachos were from a restaurant or pub. Maybe yummy, but not so healthy.

Denise has started tracking her food intake daily! This is great, because it lets her know exactly how much she is eating in calories, proteins and fats, etc. It will even add up her nutrients and fiber count. Which, she has been maintaining at between 20 and 30 grams a day. At this rate, I suspect she will reverse her signs of hypoglycemia in no time.

Denise’s biggest concern right now, besides getting pregnant, is insomnia. She has recently gone through some significant changes in her lifestyle, so I’m hoping this is temporary caused by stress. Stress can be good and bad. There is such thing as good stress, like getting a new job or getting pregnant. To help her sleep I recommend she increase her food intake of tryptophan, with foods like banana’s, dates, figs, nuts and seeds, nut butters, eggs, tuna, chicken or turkey. Tryptophan can help the body produce serotonin and melatonin, neurotransmitters that regulate sleep patterns. She should develop a bedtime relaxation routine that includes meditation or yoga. Regular exercise and reducing stress can also help.

Denise has made some beneficial changes to her diet and lifestyle. I hope we will be hearing some good news from her very soon!

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