Denise’s Story.

belly April 2014 blog pic

Denise’s baby belly at about 26 weeks.

Denise is currently 29 weeks pregnant.

Her doctor has confirmed that baby’s position is head down, ready to make his big appearance in about ten weeks!

There is a chance Denise may need a cesarean section. Her placenta is lying low and if it doesn’t move in time, a C-section will be scheduled. The good news is that her placenta has moved up a little bit at each doctor’s appointment. She is hopeful for not only a natural childbirth, but one that is drug-free. I believe she can do this!

She has been attending birth and prenatal information sessions, preparing for her baby’s arrival. She is working on a birth plan, making decisions about circumcision, vitamin K, vaccinations and more. She is doing all of her homework.

If you haven’t read Denise’s complete story, you can find it here.

*Every individual is unique and will have different nutritional needs. The recommendations I make for Denise may or may not benefit other women who have similar experiences. The nutritional advice given to Denise is based on a specific, detailed health and lifestyle assessment. They will not apply to every pregnant woman. If you are interested in a personal assessment for yourself, please send an e-mail to

Denise’s assessments and recommendations are much more detailed than what is in this blog post. Here, I am sharing her most important issues and some random topics. The information that is shared between us is extensive and continual.

Denise has maintained a low-meat diet throughout her entire pregnancy so far. She has however, kept up a good intake of protein with foods like beans and legumes, eggs, nuts and nut butters. She was eating fish until a few weeks ago when she developed a strong aversion to seafood.

Iron is a mineral that doctor’s keep a close eye on during pregnancy. Iron is needed in extra supply for Denise and her baby. Since iron is best absorbed from meat sources, it is a concern that Denise may fall short. She has recently received blood test results that show she has excellent iron levels!

Speaking of iron, one of the richest sources of iron is liver. Remember, Denise doesn’t like meat, never mind organ meat! Just to be perfectly clear, when a pregnant woman is repulsed by the sight or smell of a certain food, I would never, ever expect her to eat that food. But, if you happen to like liver, and if you can eat it without gagging (Denise has confirmed that she sometimes can handle meat and she does plan to eat liver), I strongly recommend it. It is one of the healthiest foods you can eat during pregnancy, not only for the iron but for other nutrients, like protein, vitamin A, zinc, and more!

It is important that any liver consumed come from clean, healthy, free-range animals that are fed a natural diet.

As for pregnancy symptoms Denise is not experiencing anything significant at this time. She has some minor swelling and she plans to buy some compression socks for future travel plans. Her blood pressure is good, so there is no concern about preeclampsia. She is maintaining an exercise program that consists of a light to medium cardio workout on the bicycle, elliptical and stair master machines. She is also actively participating in prenatal Pilates classes.

Overall, she is doing amazingly well and can’t wait to meet her new baby!

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