Denise’s Story

Denise is currently 34 weeks pregnant.

Closeup on tummy of pregnant woman, wearing long green dress, ho

She is experiencing much discomfort from carrying a larger than average baby.  In fact, he is measuring over the 90th percentile.  She has been told by her doctor that she will likely be induced or an early c-section will be scheduled to avoid complications.

The good news is that her placenta has moved enough for a vaginal birth.

A natural, vaginal birth is what Denise has been planning for.  However, at this point she is prepared for all options.  It’s important to be open and accepting of a less than ideal birthing experience.  Sometimes situations arise that are beyond our control.

If you haven’t read Denise’s complete story, you can find it here.

*Every individual is unique and will have different nutritional needs. The recommendations I make for Denise may or may not benefit other women who have similar experiences. The nutritional advice given to Denise is based on a specific, detailed health and lifestyle assessment. They will not apply to every pregnant woman. If you are interested in a personal assessment for yourself, please send an e-mail to

Denise’s assessments and recommendations are much more detailed than what is in this blog post. Here, I am sharing her most important issues and some random topics. The information that is shared between us is extensive and continual.

Please send Denise warm thoughts and wishes for a safe birth and healthy baby.

He will be making his grand appearance soon!

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