START WEIGHT:  177 lbs.


I lost nine pounds in nine months.

When I first started this weight loss blog I was confident I would reach my goal before the summer was over.  Didn’t happen.  Then I asked myself, how long do I keep this up or how much longer will it take to lose the weight?  Well, I took a few breaks along the way.  If you’ve been following you  may have wondered what happened to my updates.  I’m sorry for that, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and I needed time to figure it out.  I have made a decision.

This is my final weight loss blog.  At least for now.  I have plateaued at a total nine pound loss.  I am still struggling with all the same issues I had started with.  That is time management, exercise consistency and intensity.  I have  had many highs and lows along the way.  The truth is (and I know I’m not alone here) I wear a lot of hats.  It’s impossible to wear all these hats every day.  For example, sometimes I wear my chef’s hat (I wear this one a lot) and I spend hours in my kitchen preparing meals for my family.  Other days I wear my  mom hat (this one also gets worn a lot) and I’m spending quality time with my daughter.  Then, some days I wear my me hat.  This is my time.  I work out, go for walks, meditate, read and do all those things that are good for my body, mind and soul.  I need this time, but unfortunately, my me hat doesn’t get worn as often as I’d like.  I also have a business hat, a housekeeper hat, wife hat, friend hat, etc. etc.  So many  hats and so little time…..

If you’ve been following my weight loss journey you will know that my goal was to lose 25 lbs, or to reach a  healthy BMI.  BMI is body mass index and although it’s not the only tool available to track progress it is important to me that I reach that healthy range.  Currently my BMI is 26.3, which classifies me as slightly overweight.  Therefore, I am still working on losing those ‘last ten pounds’.  When I get there I will post my final update.

Hawaii 2006

Me in 2006 at 145 lbs.

In the meantime I want to share my views on weight loss with you.  In my younger years I have always thought that I needed to lose weight, even when I didn’t.  For example, in this picture to the right I was 145 lbs and I felt fat.  I realize now that is my happy weight and I wish I was happy then instead of trying so hard to attain perfection.

I hate that women are made to feel like they have to be ‘skinny’.  No wait.  Not women, but girls.  Young girls who should be enjoying their childhood and their youth.  I hate that my daughter will feel pressure to look a certain way.  In fact, it’s already started!  I swore my daughter would not get caught up in the whole princess thing, but guess what.  It happened.  I did not encourage her to be a princess, but now I find her idolizing Elsa (thanks Frozen! – yes, that’s sarcasm although I admit the movie is pretty awesome) asking for lipstick and earrings, admiring herself in the mirror.  I let her dress up, although lipstick is not an option at this point.  She’s four.  I do it because I have to let her be who she is.  I can only be as honest and real with her as I can, and be a good role model.  This means wearing all my hats.  It means making the time to cook healthy food, while teaching her the importance of nutrition.  It means making physical activity a priority not to achieve some desirable body image, but to be a healthy person.  Most importantly, I want to teach her to be happy with her body no matter what number is on the scale.

Sam doing yoga

My daughter practicing downward dog.

Pregnancy does a lot to a woman’s body.  As does age.  Let’s face it, I am not the same person I was in 2006.  (Yes, that was 8 years ago)  I am not sure if I will ever get back down to 145 lbs.  And maybe that’s ok.  But, I will keep trying to include more quality physical activity into my daily routine, which includes those loathsome squats, lunges and push-ups.  I will practice yoga with my daughter (that’s her to the left, the cutie!) and continue to run not because I need to prove anything to anyone or because I need to look a certain way, but because I know it’s good for me.  I will never achieve perfection and I have accepted that.  I’m good where I am.  Life is short and I am not going to chase the dangling carrot anymore.  I spent too many years of my life feeling I was not good enough and those days are over.  I am proud of my achievements and my life, as imperfect as it may be.

Christmas is upon us and I will be taking some time off to spend with my family.  After the holidays I will continue to work towards my goal (although I will not be posting weekly videos anymore.  If you would like to watch my video blogs click on this LINK)  I invite anyone who is interested to join me in my 12 week online program “Eat Right, Look Great, Feel Awesome!  Not a Weight Loss Plan”.  I stress that it is not a weight loss plan because it’s more about incorporating a real food diet with positive lifestyle choices.  Yes, exercise is part of it although I don’t provide an exercise plan (remember, I’m not a personal trainer).  I do, however, provide a complete nutrition and lifestyle assessment which addresses individual needs and meal plans with recipes.  If you would like to join me in my weight loss journey after the holidays, please send me an e-mail to secure your early bird spot.  Registration is not open yet, but it will be in January 2015.  For more information on the program, visit this LINK.

All the best to you and your family this holiday season and in the new year.



PS  If you would like to read my entire weight loss journey including all written posts, click HERE.

168 lb selfie May 2014

My “after” at 168 lbs.

me and Sam in Florida 3

My “before” at 177 lbs.



  1. Hi Karen,

    Thanks for sharing! BTW you look great! I was always wondering how do you manage to do it all. :). I agree, the day is not long enough! I guess we should do our best and live in the moment.

  2. Sharron Atton says:

    I am very impressed with how far you have come and how much you have achieved since we last saw each other. Your comments are inspiring and always honest. All the best in the future. Sharron 🙂

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