Mom Friends Postpartum Care Kits – Every new mom should have one.

Have you heard of Mom Friends?  Let me introduce you.

Lisa, Aviva and Liz make up Mom Friends and these 3 ladies are on a mission to help moms everywhere by providing postpartum care kits.  They know what moms need and want.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mom Friends last year when they discovered my nursing pads on Etsy.  They were looking for a local supplier to provide reusable, cloth nursing pads for their postpartum kits.  I’m thrilled they found me!

Once we met in person, I knew right away that The F Wrap nursing pads are a perfect fit for Mom Friends kits.  They have put a lot of time and research into what goes inside their kits, and it shows.  They are filled with everything from adult diapers to granny panties (that’s right!), nipple cream and (of course) nursing pads.  You can find the complete list of goodies HERE.

These three women are passionate about child birth and they are sharing this passion with moms and soon-to-be-moms everywhere.  This is obvious in the video they posted on how to make padsicles.  I personally love this video because padsicles were so helpful for me.  I want women EVERYWHERE to know about padsicles so if you don’t, please watch the video HERE.

Mom Friends photo


Why did you start making postpartum care kits?

We realized that we knew very little ourselves about postpartum care. So we started gifting postpartum care kits to our friends at their baby showers. When we were putting them together we found that the items were often hard to find and the quantities often weren’t quite right for products used during the first week after giving birth.  Adult diapers, for example. So really the idea came from our own struggle as new moms and friends of new moms! Postpartum rest and recovery is primarily for the mom to figure out, but she can’t do it alone. By developing the postpartum care kits as the perfect baby shower gift we are hoping that awareness around postpartum support grows.  We would like it to start a conversation between moms and all of their supports be it their partners, family or close friends.


How did you decide what goes into your kits?

We had some ideas ourselves from experience however we asked over 200 women to share the postpartum items that they felt were essential to their recovery.  Their input is the reason that we have formulated the Mom Friends postpartum kits as we have. It turns out, there is a core list of items which help for all kinds of postpartum recovery. We heard from moms of multiples, moms who home birthed, moms who went to a hospital or birth centre, moms who experienced vaginal birth, C-sections, and types of birth we didn’t even know were possible. From there, we developed two kits: Beyond the Bump Care Kit and Above & Beyond the Bump Care Kit.  The Above & Beyond the Bump has all the essential items that the Beyond the Bump has including The F Wrap nursing pads, adult diapers, pads, nipple cream, etc… but it also includes some nice pampering items like soap, lip balm and chocolate from local Ottawa suppliers.


Who can order your kits?

Anyone can order the kits!  It’s a perfect baby shower gift as mentioned, or a gift from a supportive partner, friend or family member.  Also moms-to-be can buy for themselves as it’s more convenient than running around buying all these items nine months pregnant when they can spend time relaxing before baby comes!


Where can people buy your kits?

People can buy our kits through our website or within our Facebook page.  We also ship anywhere across Canada through Canada Post and FREE local pickup is available in Ottawa.


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