Rosalyn’s Story – Her Baby is HERE!

Rosalyn’s baby is here.

She arrived one month ago in perfect health!

Mom and baby are doing great!  They are breastfeeding, and Rosalyn’s milk is coming in so good now that she has decided to donate to the Ontario Milk Bank!  What a wonderful gift she is giving to other new moms and their babies!


Rosalyn and baby

What else can I say about Rosalyn and her baby?  I can tell you that I am beyond thrilled that this sweet little girl has come into the world.  In case you haven’t read the previous posts about Rosalyn, she had suffered multiple miscarriages and unexplained infertility.  I have learned a lot from Rosalyn (which is not her real name) and this experience.  I’d like to thank her now for being so open and honest with me and everyone else who is reading this blog.  It was a long journey, with plenty of frustration and heartache along the way.  When you realize what some couples go through to get pregnant, you appreciate what you have and are extremely grateful.  At least that’s what happened to me.  I have heard not only from Rosalyn, but other clients and friends who have gone through infertility treatments.  I was shocked when I learned some of the things they have to do.  Sometimes these couples never do get their babies, and I am truly sorry for them.

I don’t mean to be sad right now.  This is a happy ending!

Just look at this beautiful baby!!


How adorable is she!?

Rosalyn is the 5th winner of my Biggest Contest Ever, a contest I created to help women achieve and support a healthy pregnancy through holistic nutrition.  It has been an incredible honor for me to work with Colleen, Denise, Melissa, Ashley and now Rosalyn as each of these women shared their pregnancy journey’s with me and this blog.

The Biggest Contest Ever is officially over.  I no longer have the time to dedicate to this contest and blog.  I thank you for reading, and sharing these stories with me.  Thank you to all who have entered past contests, and to those women who have won.

Feel free to leave a comment, should you wish to send congratulations to Rosalyn and her family.

Thank you to Jennifer Willard Photography for sharing this beautiful photo of Rosalyn just before her baby girl arrived.

Rosalyn pregnant

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