Eat Right, Look Great, Feel Awesome 2016! 12 week online program.

It’s back!

This is my longest running, most popular program and I’m launching it again right now!

If you are reading this, you probably know me, or at the very least you know that I like to work with women who are pregnant or trying.  But, about once a year or so, I open registration for this program which focuses on weight loss, getting back into shape or learning how to eat a holistic diet.  Basically, eating right, looking great and feeling awesome.  🙂  I want to stress that last part.  Feeling awesome.  This is really the ultimate goal.  Because in the big picture, what you look like on the outside shouldn’t be the focus of any health and wellness plan (although it often is).  What we should get excited about is the way we feel!  It’s about having more energy and feeling happy!  It’s about living pain free!  It’s about taking care of ourselves and our bodies.  It’s about nurturing our minds and our souls.  Trust me, this is the important stuff.  And this is what my program is all about.  (Sometimes though, members lose weight too….)

Here are a few testimonials:

I lost a total of 11 pounds since completing Karen’s online weight loss challenge and still losing! I followed all the weekly rules and was able to incorporate them very easily into our routines. Yes – I cheated and treated too lol! In the end I have not only lost weight but cut my grocery costs down by $150 for this month! Meal planning was a big part of the cost cutting for sure. It’s amazing how one month can change your mindset and make you realize that what we put in our bodies affect how we feel overall. I truly think that changes to my diet have helped me with my pain management too. Thank you!

Penny, Ottawa, ON

I lost 11 pounds and am honestly amazed! I was already in good shape. I just needed that last 10 pounds and with Karen’s help I achieved that and will surpass my goal. This morning I am 1 pound away from my ideal goal weight. Thank you so much Karen for providing me with the push and support that I needed.

Aundrea, Winnipeg, MB

I started Karen’s weight loss challenge in January hoping for the best but a little weary that I would not know how to introduce new, organic foods into my diet. Karen assured me that she would help me in every way possible. She provided me with not only recipes and advice, but with a new way of looking at food. Now I know what to look for on labels and how to cook quinoa (which I had never had before I met Karen). I took her Nutrition Assessment and found that I needed to go on a Candida diet to flush my system of toxins. I must say, I have never felt more energetic and healthy. In four months I have lost a total of 18 pounds and I am training to run a 5k in the fall. Life is good! Thank you Karen for getting me started on my new healthy body!

Erin, Halifax, NS


We start Saturday, October 1, 2016!

Here is what you will receive:

  • A complete nutrition and lifestyle assessment, based on two detailed questionnaires and current food log.
  • A dietary plan, including a list of foods to eat and those to avoid.
  • Weekly nutrition and lifestyle challenges that will assist with achieving a healthy weight, while improving your overall health.
  • Weekly recipes that are easy to prepare, delicious to eat, and feature nutritious, whole foods.
  • Weekly tips to live a healthier, happier life.
  • Unlimited online support for the length of the program (12 weeks) and daily motivation in a private Facebook group.

Catch the early bird price of only $175 before September 28, 2016!

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During the entire month of May, receive a mini-assessment for only $20!

Results are based on a two-page symptom questionnaire.

Dietary and lifestyle recommendations will be sent to you via e-mail, including a 20 minute personal consultation via phone or Skype.

Get started here!

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Country Moments Spa & Wellness Centre

Do you like to be pampered?  Massage?  Facials?  Manicure?  Pedicure?  Reflexology?  Acupuncture?Country Moments Spa

Country Moments Spa & Wellness Centre has it all, plus more!

I have just joined their team!

I am now taking appointments at Country Moments Spa & Wellness Centre in Navan, Ontario.  This is just east of Ottawa, between Orleans and Limoges.  I am available here for individual nutrition counseling and/or genetic testing by Nutrigenomix.  For complete details please click on INDIVIDUAL NUTRITION COUNSELING or NUTRIGENOMIX GENETIC TESTING.  Group presentations and workshops may be available in 2015.

Why not give yourself a healthy, rewarding and relaxing Christmas gift this year!  Combine holistic nutrition with some of the other services offered by the spa and make a day all about you!  Even better, bring a friend!  For a complete list of services offered by Country Moments Spa & Wellness Centre, please visit their website HERE.

To book your appointment, send an e-mail to or contact the spa at 613-590-9999.

If you would like to be notified of any future presentations or events, be sure to sign up for my e-mail list HERE.  I will even send you a free gift!