Receiving testimonials from clients is the greatest compliment I could receive!  I appreciate each and every one.   Thank you all for the following testimonials…

Bethany is a doula in Manitoba.  If you are in the area and expecting, please check out her website HERE.

I used Karen’s services when I was trying to conceive, and she was able to give me many helpful tips to boost my fertility. Not too long after implementing some of the changes that she suggested, I was pregnant. In addition, Karen suggested dietary changes during pregnancy, and sent me some very helpful suggestions when I was struggling with low milk supply postpartum. I would definitely recommend Karen to any woman who wanted to make some holistic dietary changes while trying to conceive, while pregnant, and when breastfeeding.

Bethany, Brandon, MB

Bethany’s happy, healthy baby!

“Denise” and “Melissa” are contest winners who were featured regularly in my blog during their pregnancies.  Their names have been changed to keep their identities anonymous.  It was such a pleasure to work with them both during this amazing time in their lives.  You may read Denise’s complete story HERE, and Melissa’s complete story HERE.

Nutritional counseling and support during pregnancy works!  Not only do I feel Karen provided me with the nutritional knowledge to have a healthy pregnancy (down to pre-pregnancy weight and clothes at three weeks postpartum) she provided advice and support for the total pregnancy, not just nutrition.  Our discussions about breastfeeding and vaginal (after threatened C-section) delivery aided significantly in our advocating for the birth we wanted.  Obviously all decisions were made with mom and baby health being the top priority but we advocated heavily for immediate skin-to-skin and kept pushing the vaginal delivery.

“Denise”, Ontario

I can not recommend Karen’s prenatal services enough! She is knowledegable as well as kind and easy to talk to.

Karen helped me to learn how much food choices impact my overall health and relate to certain pregnancy symptoms. Our discussions inspired me to get back on track with healthy eating habits. I felt healthy and energized throughout my pregnancy and was happy knowing that I was making informed healthy choices for myself and my growing baby.

Every question I asked was responded to promptly with evidence based resources. I always felt confident in Karen’s recommendations and appreciated that they were realistic suggestions that I could work into my busy life.

I am grateful for Karen’s support throughout my pregnancy and I wouldn’t hesitate to use her services during any future pregnancies.

“Melissa”, Ontario

In addition to prenatal care, I have assisted many women on issues such as weight management and general health concerns. It brings me such joy to hear the changes that they’ve made in their lives! Here are a few of these extraordinary women and what they had to say:

I lost a total of 11 pounds since completing Karen’s online weight loss challenge and still losing! I followed all the weekly rules and was able to incorporate them very easily into our routines. Yes – I cheated and treated too lol! In the end I have not only lost weight but cut my grocery costs down by $150 for this month! Meal planning was a big part of the cost cutting for sure. It’s amazing how one month can change your mindset and make you realize that what we put in our bodies affect how we feel overall. I truly think that changes to my diet have helped me with my pain management too. Thank you!

Penny, Ottawa, ON

I lost 11 pounds and am honestly amazed! I was already in good shape. I just needed that last 10 pounds and with Karen’s help I achieved that and will surpass my goal. This morning I am 1 pound away from my ideal goal weight. Thank you so much Karen for providing me with the push and support that I needed.

Aundrea, Winnipeg, MB

I started Karen’s weight loss challenge in January hoping for the best but a little weary that I would not know how to introduce new, organic foods into my diet. Karen assured me that she would help me in every way possible. She provided me with not only recipes and advice, but with a new way of looking at food. Now I know what to look for on labels and how to cook quinoa (which I had never had before I met Karen). I took her Nutrition Assessment and found that I needed to go on a Candida diet to flush my system of toxins. I must say, I have never felt more energetic and healthy. In four months I have lost a total of 18 pounds and I am training to run a 5k in the fall. Life is good! Thank you Karen for getting me started on my new healthy body!

Erin, Halifax, NS

I first started meeting with Karen to help me get control of my eating habits and my weight. I have been overweight during most of my adult life, having been slim until I started university. Karen was great at giving me sensible tools and easy to follow food plans. It was not easy to begin with and I’ll be honest, it has taken me more than one attempt to get going. But now I am living healthier than I ever have before, even when I was thin. I have lost 33 pounds in the last five months and only have 20 more to go! I only have praise for Karen. She is a great listener and is very supportive. She really helped me, not only with my weight loss but with issues such as lack of sleep and energy – thank you!

Nicola, Halifax, NS

I was going through a period in my life where I felt tired all the time. I felt depressed and had trouble concentrating or enjoying things that I normally would. I consulted with Karen for some advise. Karen went through a long list of questions to understand my issues. She suggested a one week detox plan for me. I was skeptical at first because part of the plan included giving up my biggest addiction…coffee! But I followed her advice and the plan that she laid out for me, and after only a few days I had more energy and my mood was lifted substantially. Even now when I find myself getting the blues or feeling sluggish, I pull out the one week detox plan and before you know it I am back to feeling myself again! I still consult with Karen on other issues, such as weight loss and general wellness issues and she always gives great advice and develops plans to suit me personally.

Tammy, Edmonton, AB

Karen has been great and a huge source of information. I didn’t think I’d take that much in than I already knew. But it just goes to show that you grow and learn new things every day. I love learning more about the body and how to nourish it. I am enjoying new recipes and I’m finally putting a lot of my knowledge to use in the form of nutrition and exercise. Looking forward to seeing a change for the better this year! Thanks Karen!

Judy, Sackville, NS