5 Years since becoming a Holistic Nutritionist and why I LOVE what I do.

Five years ago I officially became an RHN.   My dream job was mine, and I was bursting with excitement!

Diploma CSNN

I had good reason to be excited.  Not only had I achieved this tremendous goal of becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, but I was newly pregnant!  I remember sharing the big news with my classmates on our last day of school.

Think about this now for a moment.  I became pregnant (for the first time) and a holistic nutritionist at almost the exact same time.  This means that while I was studying nutrition, I was trying to get pregnant.  To further explain the importance of this fact, it means that while I was achieving my RHN designation, learning all kinds of new and exciting nutrition information, I was thinking of my own health and future baby.  Of course I paid extra attention during reproductive and pediatric class and any discussions about pregnancy and babies!  I was preparing myself for pregnancy while learning how food and lifestyle can make a difference.  And it can!  I was shocked and quite honestly relieved that I learned what I did when I did.  I am certain that if I became a mother ten years earlier my child would not be as healthy as my own child is today.  This is because the food and lifestyle choices we make before, during and after pregnancy have a direct impact on the health of our babies.  It’s true!  I know I was blown away by what I learned and this is why I am so passionate about sharing this information with you.  I want to educate and empower women all over to make the same healthy choices that I did so that they too can have the healthiest babies possible.

A little bit about me before becoming an RHN, I thought I was healthy.  Ironically, because I fell into the oh-so-common female trap of self-doubt and unrealistic body image, I always felt healthy but overweight (the opposite was true, I was unhealthy and a perfect weight)  My low self-esteem and desire for a leaner physique led me to try many, many different ‘diets’ including (but not limited to) a soup detox, juice detox, counting calories, cutting carbs, eliminating carbs, increasing protein, etc. etc. etc.  I even went on a diet where bacon was unlimited but I couldn’t eat a piece of toast!  In case you are confused, this is not a healthy diet.  I don’t want to name these diets, but you probably know which ones I’m talking about.  There are always different diets out there and always ‘the best one’ that your friends swear is better than all the rest.  People think that a certain food or macronutrient is unnecessary or will cause them to gain weight.  This is simply not true, and in fact just as damaging as the mass acceptance of an unrealistic body size (in my opinion).

To bring the topic back to me, I’ve tried so many of these diets and they all had the same results.  I succeeded short term, celebrated my five or ten pound loss, and then eventually went back to my normal eating habits and gained all my weight back, sometimes more.  But, remember, I was never overweight!  I just thought I was.  I have since learned that it’s ok to have a little fat.  In fact, having too little body fat can have negative health consequences!  Fat is essential for hormones and nerve function.  It’s true.  I no longer strive to be this perfect skinny girl (who I never was), but instead the strong, capable person I have always been.

Going back to my life before becoming an RHN, I had spoken to many dietitians, personal trainers, and other health professionals about losing weight and healthy eating.   They never once told me “Hey, you’re fine the way you are.  Why do you feel you need to lose weight?  Let’s talk about how you are feeling instead of the number on the scale.”  (By the way, my average weight was 145 lbs and I’m 5’7, which is perfectly normal and healthy).  Instead, they gave me all kinds of information on how to lose weight.   Great.  Except I heard this all before, and it wasn’t what I needed to hear.

What I needed was what I learned at CSNN (Canadian School of Natural Nutrition) from my teachers who were naturopathic doctors and other holistic nutritionists.  The education they gave me had nothing to do with fad diets or popular health concepts.  It was complex, and unique to each individual.  While studying nutrition I learned that I had candida!  This was HUGE!  I had been to different doctors multiple times with fungal and yeast infections throughout my life, and always I was given a prescription to get rid of it.  Guess what?  Medication takes care of symptoms, but it does not deal with of the root cause of the problem!  Of course my infections always came back, twice as bad as the first time because I wasn’t controlling my candida.

I am thankful I learned what I learned about holistic nutrition before getting pregnant.  I actually dealt with my candida and now my daughter has a healthy digestive tract because of it.

I promise you, holistic nutrition can change your life and the life of your future baby or babies.

Five years since becoming a holistic nutritionist, I am just as passionate now as the day I learned about candida.

I help change lives.  I help mothers make healthy babies.  And fathers.  I often forget to mention the dads, but yes, their health is important too.  I work with men and women on achieving their pregnancy goals together.

Currently I am preparing to launch my first online group program designed specifically to help couples get pregnant.  I can’t wait to get started!  The early bird deadline has just ended but if you are reading this right now and want in, send me a private message HERE and ask me for the early bird special.  I will extend it for you.

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