You want a baby

I know how important it is to you. Maybe you’ve been trying for weeks or even years. Maybe you are pregnant right now.  No matter what stage you are in, a holistically based diet will increase your chances of having a healthy baby.

I would love to share your journey with you.

You can make choices that will give your baby the best start in life, before he or she is born. You can even start before you are pregnant by nourishing your own body with real, wholesome food. The best time to get started is six months to a year before you conceive.  The foods you eat can increase fertility, ease the discomforts of pregnancy symptoms and provide the necessary nutrients for mother and baby to grow and thrive. Food can affect the production and quality of breastmilk, which is the best possible form of nutrition you can give a newborn baby. There are so many reasons to eat a good, clean diet before, during and after pregnancy. But the most important reason, of course, is because you love your baby.

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